To integrate state-of-the-art research methodologies and advanced technologies in order to enhance aging research and improve the quality of life and quality of care of older people and their caregivers.
Novel Pain Assessment and Intervention Network (NoPAIN)
A new interdisciplinary network, the "Novel Pain Assessment and Intervention Network (NoPAIN)" will be established to explore a measurement-to-management system for geriatric pain with the long-term goal of generating a new discipline of clinical infometrics. Clinical infometrics, as we envision it, is a synthesis of patient assessment data with computer technology, information theory, and measurement science to improve the connection between research findings / guidelines and clinical practices. We have chosen geriatric pain because it is a complex and multidimensional construct that has a critical mass of assessment instruments that need refining and because there are known gaps between recommended and actual practices. Because of demographic changes, geriatric pain management demands particular attention and improvement in this area will likely be applicable to other areas.
See http://www.clinicalinfometrics.northwestern.edu for details.

Chih-Hung Chang, PhD, presenting the NoPAIN project
Patient-Reported Outcomes with Innovative Technologies (PROsIT)
Patient-Reported Outcomes with Innovative Technologies (PROsIT) is designed to address five primary and commonly faced challenges to effective treatment outcomes management: 1) accessibility; 2) multilanguage support; 3) clinical relevance; 4) adaptive assessment capability; and 5) privacy protection.

PROsIT is a comprehensive solution to patient-reported outcomes management. Its multichannel capability gives patients the freedom to when, where, and how they wish to participate in outcomes studies. Its multilingual capacity has the potential to increase the participation of nonnative-English speaking patients in clinical trials and research projects. Its adaptive testing capability allows the intelligent selection of fewer questions to retain the same level of measurement precision. Its global PROs item bank facilitates industry-wide synergy in compiling clinically relevant and psychometrically sound PROs questions into a single standard repository that can greatly simplify future PROs measurement tasks and improve the quality and the comprehensiveness of PROs questionnaires.